Welcome to KadeKut

House of Kut is an amazing barbershop located in the heart of Bedford
Barber & hair artist Kade 'Kut' Burgess has been cutting hair since 2004. Kade started on Midland road at 'Kriss Kut Barbershop' learning skills and progressing onto pattern work. Christopher Sims was Kades biggest teacher and inspiration.

Kade progressed rapidly, to being a co-owner of Image Barber for many years.

Through the years Kade has travelled participating and winning many competitions and award shows in both the UK as well as the USA, this allowed Kade to grow his portfolio of skills which he then shares back to his clients. With this brought experience but also new opportunities for Kade.

Kade now owns and leads 'House of Kut' in Bedford town centre, a vibrant shop dedicated in delivering amazing haircuts, creating an open family environment and sharing his love for hiphop music.



Award-wining haircuts at quality prices!

House of Kut Kade Kut
Haircut £15 £30
Beard £10 £25
Hair + Beard £20 £40


18 Castle Lane,
MK40 3US